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Veronica Richard

I am actively trying to grow my business. I follow a lot of makers on social media to learn and grow from them. My biggest struggle is social media. I'm afraid to post pictures of myself wearing my products or using the social media tools to talk about my products and myself. It's very hard to be vulnerable on those platforms, but I also think being vulnerable is being real and real people is what buyers want.

I oftentimes present myself to different groups on Facebook to promote different items I make. This oftentimes works and sometimes it doesn't. I honestly get anxiety over it. Sometimes I get comments about whether I can make something, and then the post disappears and I'm upset with myself for not saving it or the person who wanted a particular product. I'm sorry to all those people who I didn't message instead of holding the conversation in the original posts - because posts get lost. So, if I was ever talking to you about making a custom order, from the bottom of my heart I am sorry. It was not my intent and I will do my best to try harder to save the post so it doesn't get lost again.

I enjoy custom orders. It brings me out of my comfort zone. It sometimes, though, takes me longer than expected. So, if you have ordered a custom order from me, know that I am working on it, and I more than likely have kept you updated. If I haven't, I am truly sorry. It is on the way. I'm just making it as perfect as it can be. I don't like to send things out if I don't think it's good enough. I may rip it out and start fresh or do something different. It all depends on what it is. But I work tirelessly on things and I am only one person - my husband helps as much as he can - but for the most part, it's me, and I also have a full-time job. So please bare with me and know that I am only human, like you, and things do take time. Thank you for listening.



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