Scrunchies, Scrunchies, Everywhere!!

Veronica Richard

I absolutely love scrunchies! They are my favorite thing to make and wear. It definitely reminds me of being a kid, because I would wear scrunchies everyday back in the day. It definitely goes to show how things always come back in style!

Velvet scrunchies are a definite must in your everyday wear! They are super soft and don't hurt your hair!

Perfect as a gift for yourself, or a gift for friends and family. Maybe add it to your gift bags for your bridal party or even for your bachelorette party! I can add unique colors that match your wedding colors and a little saying to go with it like - "to have and to hold and to tie your hair back," or something like that. Either way, these scrunchies are perfect for everything. And like I said before, it's my new favorite thing! Hope it'll be yours too!

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