Summer Crochet Tops

Veronica Richard

I am absolutely LOVING summer crochet styles! They are stylish, carefree, and go with a lot of my clothing.

The problem I have, is getting over my fear of modeling what I create. I am very self-conscious of selfies or any pictures of me, for that matter. But I definitely need to do better so that you all can see how amazing these items look when they're worn and styled. Taking pictures on a mannequin, doesn't do it any justice. But they still look cute.

I haven't designed any of my own patterns yet, but maybe one day I will. Until then, here are a few summer styles I am in love with and hope you will be, too.

This is the "Let's Be Vesties" vest pattern by Evelyn and Peter. You can get this pattern  on her site or as a kit at Stitch & Hustle. She has a lot of great patterns that I am dying to try, but so far I have only made this vest.

I absolutely love this vest pattern. You can wear it with anything and everything. I've worn it with a cute summer dress or a t-shirt and shorts/jeans. It literally goes with everything. What do you think?

This "Peek-A-Boo Crop Top" is created by the ever-popular and lovely Jessica Carey from The Hook Nook. I love her posts on Instagram and her patterns, obviously. This is one of my favorite patterns to make and wear. It is one size fits most, made easy by the tie in the back.

If you haven't noticed, everything that I make, is something that I think will go with everything. Mostly because I like to me versatile and have an easy wardrobe where everything can go with everything. But I also like color. Most everything I own is black or has some type of neutral color to it. When I crochet, though, I like to have a lot of colors. Bright pink, coral, red, wine, etc. The more color the better. Let me know what colors you like in your wardrobe.

The last top I am entirely in love with is the "Sasha Bralette" by Taylor-Lynn Crochet. I'm going to be making a lot of different colors of this bralette to go with my shorts and skirts for the summer, as well as under some tank tops.

Taylor Lynn has a lot of amazing patterns that I absolutely die over. This is one of many that I have made from her. Her style is very summer-oriented with a lot of crop tops and festival tops. Definitely great for the summer!

I have a lot of plans for FFNB Designs this summer. I want to make more items and attend more markets. I also have plans to visit my mom and family in Massachusetts. What are your plans for the summer?

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